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Thinking About Entering The Laundry Business?


Buying an existing laundromat or launching a new laundry business?

Having someone with knowledge and experience on your team can help ease your mind and potentially avoid mistakes that could cost you thousands of dollars.

Laundry Business Solutions That Work

Industry Knowledge

We have knowledge in every aspect of the laundry business. Our experience in the industry includes owning, operating, evaluating, building, renovating, buying, and selling laundromats.

Wide Range Of Solutions

Start with our free business plan template PDF. From there, you can learn with books, online courses, store evaluations, and consulting services, all the way up to our full-service package.

Avoid Pitfalls

This is where we earn our value. A little money well-spent upfront can save you thousands down the road by helping to avoid the pitfalls that are most common to the laundry business.

First-Time Owners

Our products and knowledge are ideal for the laundry business newcomer, whether testing the waters on your first venture or adding an income stream to your portfolio

Laundry Veterans

We offer solutions for current laundromat owners, including assistance in store operations, marketing, website design, store renovations and upgrades, and business consulting.

Buyers and Sellers

Buying and selling advice includes store evaluations, water bill analysis, financing solutions, contract templates, and even bringing buyers and sellers together.

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A Business Plan Is Critical For The Success Of Any Business. Download Our Free Laundromat Business Plan Template