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Laundry Equipment - Laundromat Washer

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There are many key components of a successful laundromat. However, none are as important as the heart and soul of the business: the laundry equipment. Making the right choices can mean the difference between success and failure.

How Old Is The Laundry Equipment?

Age isn’t everything, but it can make a huge difference when it comes to your laundry equipment. Older machines are typically much less efficient. New technology has allowed modern washers to use much less water and dryers use far less gas. Computer controls allow customized programming for different wash cycles.

Most manufacturers have a parts warranty for the first 3-5 years which means cheaper repair bills for new equipment. Older machines break down more often as parts wear out. This not only costs the owner in repairs, but also in machine down-time. We have seen many situations where a monthly loan payment was less than repairs. Combined with utility savings for more efficient machines, this meant that brand new laundry equipment was actually cheaper than machines that were already paid for.


Laundry Equipment Mix - Top LoadersHaving The Right Mix Of Laundry Equipment

There are many considerations when looking at the mix of laundry equipment for a new or existing laundromat. Because of their inefficiency, top-loading washers are becoming a thing of the past and rarely found in new laundromats. Customers are also moving toward larger-capacity washers. It is important to find the right balance of differently sized washers for the mix of customers and the different loads they are washing.

Another key is to have ample drying capacity compared to the total washing capacity of the laundromat. If there aren’t enough dryers, customers will be left waiting for a free machine on a busy day. Not only do you end up having a dissatisfied customer, but your store is also able to process less total loads.

Brands Make A DifferenceDexter Washing Machine

Brand names make a difference in laundry equipment just like in many other products. Quality machines are well-designed and constructed using the best components. The frames are sturdier and the connections more robust. A washer or dryer that is well-designed and built will simply last longer than a cheap machine, meaning more cycles and a higher return on investment.

Better laundry equipment also runs more efficiently. An efficient washer or dryer uses less electricity, water, or gas. This of course means lower utility bills, leading to greater savings over the life of the equipment.

Here is a sample of some of the quality brands that we recommend:

  • Speed Queen Industry leader in laundromat machines. Their laundromat equipment is built in the USA and considered some of the best in the industry
  • Dexter Laundry – A century-old and employee-owned business with a complete line of washers, dryers and management systems
  • Electrolux – Stylish and efficient washers, dryers, systems, ironers, and finishing equipment
  • Continental/GirbauMaker of vended coin-laundry washers and dryers, as well as larger commercial and on-premise laundry equipment
  • ADCAmerican Dryer Corporation is a builder of efficient and robust vended laundry equipment as well as industrial machines since the 1960’s
  • Milnor – An industry-leader in commercial and industrial equipment, Pellerin-Milnor also makes some of the toughest and hi-tech coin vended laundry equipment

B&W laundromat - Laundry Equipment Mix

Need Help Choosing The Right Laundry Equipment?

We offer store evaluation and laundromat consulting as part of our services, and can help make sure you have the right washers and dryers. Also, make sure to check out our comprehensive online courses which cover all the important details about getting into the laundry business.

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Laundry Equipment - Laundromat Washer
Laundry Equipment: The Heart And Soul Of A Laundromat